DUKES Finest Artisan has manufactured premium handmade leather accessories and purses since 2008 and B74 is seller from the first day on – time is running – nearly for ten years now.

The pieces impress with their special design, high artisanal quality and inimitability. Original vintage basics and finest, vegetable-tanned leather are extravagantly finished by hand and turned into unique pieces of art.

Ursula Klein and Michael Herzog, the founders of Dukes Finest Artisan, have created and cultivated this philosophy. Their original vintage leather products come from a global network of vintage aficionados, from Los Angeles to Budapest. Rare and precious pieces, selected mainly from old military stocks and vintage markets, are cleaned and treated with natural oils and lotions and finally receive their exquisite artisanal and artistic touch.

According to traditional craftsmanship, the leather is embossed by hand, studded, decorated with exotic leather and painted by the most sophisticated artists. Over the last years Ursula “Uschi” Klein came over to our store when we had events or for special occasions and she customized DUKES belts and other goods for our clients. It is always a pleasure to see her painting and creating live and direct.

Contemporary historical topics, native tribes, ethnic motifs, folklore, pop and street art serve as sources of inspiration for their pieces and are matched with each other in the collections. We are proud that DUKES did some special B74 stuff – check it out!

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