GOLDEN BEAR is a San Francisco-based manufacturer of life-long lasting leather jackets. If you are looking for something stable, that stays with you for ages, feels like a good friend and gets nicer and nicer over the years, you might want to take a closer look at these American beauties.

It begins, as many of these American stories do, on the backs of workers. Longshoremen hauling cargo up and out of San Francisco Bay, collars upturned against the fog and the cold. The work was hard, the hours long. Then the long ride out Market Street, the clank of the cables spinning endlessly beneath the iron rails. This is where GOLDEN BEAR began. A jacket purchased in 1922, when GOLDEN BEAR operated out of small factory on Howard Street, wouldn’t have looked so different from one up above in the cockpits of Flying Tigers, the Hellcats, and Flying Fortresses. And the pilots that came home, swapping P-51 Mustangs for 62 foot-pounds of torque on two wheels, would notice, that the kids hanging around North Beach and the Haight had jackets that looked pretty familiar. Thing was, no one seemed to get rid of those jackets. They got better with age.

By the 1960s GOLDEN BEAR was producing the same rugged coats and some new styles, taking in worn jackets for repairs, clothing anyone interested in that old, timeless look of San Francisco. Varsity and motorcycle jackets joined the classic bombers and dockworker coats on the racks right next to the factory floor, up three flights of stairs from the street below. In 1972 the bosses daughter Shirley Winter began to work as a sales persons in their store. You wouldn’t be surprised to know that she’s still there – representing a company where everything seems to be a little more stable. They’re proud to offer their legacy of durable, quality outerwear – coats that will last as long as they have.

Here at B74 you can just see and feel that history by yourself. We offer a range of these jackets in different shapes and colours, so come and look for your personal favourite. But choose wisely: It is very unlikely that will buy another one in your lifetime.

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