Gain knowledge. Take action. Earn respect. These principles are the center of Danish menswear brand KNOWLEDGE COTTON APPAREL, founded in 2008.

The guys behind this nice company think and work in a way that seems to be typical for Scandinavian people: They produce stuff that is very nice to look at and that completely comes without bells and whistles. It is all very basic and simple and can be worn with pleasure literally every day.

And at the same time – and that’s why we at B74 like this stuff so much – KNOWLEDGE COTTON APPAREL cares a lot about people and nature. Talking about sustainability? These guys know what it’s about, as they can be truly seen as organic fashion pioneers from Denmark. Since the end of the 1980s, founder Jørgen Mørup started working with organic cotton. Did anyone at that time do that as well? You will hardly find anyone. He says: “Both technology and time mean something very special to me. Quality takes time. I believe in an original and natural product, and this is the root of my love for cotton. I am inspired by the simplicity and honesty of a fiber that is planted as a seed and harvested as a plant over time”.

And last but not least, as if this weren’t enough already, their stuff is also very reasonably priced. It is no wonder that everyone lives Scandinavian spirit, right? From KNOWLEDGE COTTON APPAREL you will find chinos, shirts, sweatshirts, t-shirts, jackets for every season and some other stuff that is well worth taking a look at, every single piece decorated with a cute little owl – the company’s corporate logo.

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