Manifattura Ceccarelli is a production company that was founded in 1997 by Giuliano Ceccarelli in the city of Forli near Bologna. Being a passionate hunter and a genuine outdoor enthusiast, he soon specialized in highly functional outdoor clothing made of natural materials such as cotton, wool or downs. The garments are exclusively created and produced in the companys headquarter in Forli.

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MANIFATTURA CECCARELLI also gained some reputation from producing the Black Label jackets for everyone’s favourite US outdoor manufacturer FILSON for almost a decade.


Today the guys at MANIFATTURA CECCARELLI use materials like waxed cotton from the famous Dundee, UK based oilcloth manufacturer Halley Stevensons, pure new wool from WOOLRICH or PENDLETON, moleskin and corduroy from Brisbane Moss, UK and the finest cotton fabrics from Japan and Italy and only european downs. Zippers come from YKK Italia. And they really have an eye for the details: Every push-button for example is strengthened against tearing-out with so called “washers” made of genuine calf leather.

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