CROOTS England are producers of high quality leather goods. Every product is handmade in England and so each item is for sure unique.

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Founded over 35 years ago the family owned company has its history in the country sports market producing leather goods for fishing, hunting and luggage. The company is proud to have supplied many members of the British Royal family.

The CROOTS of today celebrate the values of the founders. From their workshops in Malton, North Yorkshire, they are still pride by theirselves on combining the best of English workmanship with the finest of traditionally-made materials to produce objects of timeless beauty. “When we make our shotgun slips, cartridge belts and bags, we’ve learnt that the choice of materials is crucial. Time and experience have taught us, for example, that insisting on hand-picking our own hides is a vital step in the process. And that only natural, vegetable-dyed leather will give us our required combination of suppleness and performance. We’ve learnt too that our preferred grade of stout and sturdy cotton canvas cannot be bettered. And that pure, natural rubber is the best water-proofing agent by far.”

The contemporary “City line” uses the same quality leathers, cottons & skilled techniques to produce beautiful leather laptop bags, Holdalls, tote bags, belts and much more. Every piece is handmade in North Yorkshire, England. The used vegetable tanned leather results in every piece being unique and will age beautifully. We at B74 love the mix of the traditional look combined with a modern twist. On of our staff’s favourite is the “VINTAGE RANGE”. These vintage canvas bags and luggages are made using an original 24oz dry-waxed canvas to create an aged and relaxed collection of travel bags.

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