This is their Story:
We were born in Italy, in the south, with the sea inside. Captain Santors is a project born in 2014 from a need for reinterpreting the way we dress starting from our roots, our land and our sea.
Our heritage Collection is a product that interprets the working clothes from seamen, fishermen and sailing pioneers.

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We use fabrics from small handicrafts, selvage denim and cotton in natural indigo made in Japan; Irish and Scottish wools; Italian and English cottons and hemp. The research on fabrics and patterns to be developed is done in shipyards and international vintage stores, in order to recuperate and revisit seamen clothing. The result is a contemporary heritage work style very popular in USA, Europe and the East. We have a carefully designed packaging; old hemp bags from the Italian navy become an original wrap for our clothing. The label is made of hemp fabric and includes cooking recipes from seafaring tradition.
A collection made from research, slow gestures, tailoring, fine fabrics and handmade bone buttons. A small production full of passion, values and Italian tailoring tradition.

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