First of all: Maybe you ask yourself, what is the meaning of these two distinctive stripes on MOMOTARO denim? This is the “Going To Battle Label”, which is the trademark of this line and symbolizes the flag “MOMOTARO” when heading off to defeat the terrible Japanese demon “Oni”.

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This jeans are made of 15.7oz denim, with a great fit that will feel like as a second skin after just wearing for a short time. MOMOTARO uses hand picked Zimbabwe cotton and dyes with original, pure and deep indigo colors. To get a high quality denim, the selvage denim must be woven on a vintage shuttle loom machine operated at low speed by an artisan. For the finish the artisans are using vintage sewing machines with traditional techniques to transform real denim into real jeans.

What’s about MOMOTARO? “Made by hand without compromise” is the slogan of the Japanese denim label which was founded at Kojima Okayama in 2006. Kojima ist the birth place of Japanese domestic jeans. Through their Okayama artisan spirit, the people at MOMOTARO understand what denim is to its core and they bring dyeing, weaving, sewing and washing to perfection. “In oder to make life, living and the mind richer though jeans (as a tool), MOMOTARO JEANS is not just a fashion brand that simply offers the latest trends, but MOMOTARO JEANS is a real clothing to be loved forver”. We at B74 agree!

“MOMOTARO” means “Peach Boy” which is a character in a very famous Japanese fairytale. The “Legend of MOMOTARO” took place in many places around and in Okayama with mysterious history and culture. This legend is a story of rejuvenation. We at B74 wanna tell you just the “very short version”: An old couple ate an floating peach and regained their youth. What a great dream! Since ages, people have pursued theier dreams in Okayama. So, MOMOTARO JEANS is also a story of denim artisans in Okayama pursuing their dreams “to deliver real jeans to the world”. They do!

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