MERZ B. SCHWANEN is a brand, that like few others stands for the revival of authenticity. They produce t-shirts, undershirts and shirts with long sleeves in a unique quality.

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The story behind MERZ B. SCHWANEN reads like a novel: Peter Plotnicki, the today’s manager, strolled across a flea market once, when he suddenly stumbled upon an old worker’s shirt form 1911 with long sleeves. He was instantly fascinated how that shirt was produced and it looked so damn fantastic to him, that he decided to invest some time to find out more about that shirt, apparently coming not only from a different decade, but from a different world.

He soon found out that this shirt was produced in a german region called the “Schwäbische Alp” by a company named “MERZ B. SCHWANEN”. Due to globalization, this once so important for that region company had to close their doors forever. To his surprise, he then met one still active producer of fabrics. This man owned a whole room full of old original machines for the production of tubular fabrics – unused and covered with dust two fingers high. So Peter Plotnicki decided to revive those glorious old machines and start his own production of shirts unlike any other.

And about one year later, the machines were ready to start producing again! As this news spread across the Schwäbische Alp like a wildfire, the descendants of the original company’s founder, Balthasar Merz, offered the brand name “MERZ B. SCHWANEN” to Peter Plotnicki. The rest of the story can be discovered here at B74: Absolutely unique Shirts completely produced in germany with an unparalled quality – and every single piece with the knowledge and feeling of revitalised tradition from the very good old days!

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